June 2015 Newsletter

Praise the Lord! Since coming back from Australia, the videos for the Australian seminars have been posted on Youtube.com. Just go to Youtube.com and search Dominion Grace Ministries Australia. The meetings, messages and speakers are there along with some encouraging healings. Thanks to pastor Steve Mann of Dominion Grace Ministries in Melbourne for posting these videos. I trust they will be a blessing to you for your spiritual enrichment.
We have a new U-stream link. It is http://www.ustream.tv/channel/pastor-joseph-a-funaro. We did this so our viewers can access all of our material via one U-stream link instead of two. You can still go to our websites, dominiongrace.org; lifedominion.org; and joefunaro.com to either watch or access our archives. We just wanted to cut the cost of carrying two links on U-stream to one and make it easier for our viewers. Let us know if the changes have been beneficial to you. My personal e-mail also has been changed to pastorjoseph.a.funaro@gmail.com. You can still reach us at dominiongraceministries@gmail.com however. Find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/joseph.a.funaro and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dominion-Grace-Ministries/1378960925766843 to see pictures of the construction of the Liberian house and DGM Bible School!
We put our videos there also so the Facebook partners can view them there.
Since getting back to Denver we have been put on radio station KLVZ, 810AM on Monday’s and Wednesdays from 4:30pm to 5pm Mountain Time. We are trusting to get more exposure in getting the message of dominion life by God’s grace to as many people as possible. You can also get an app to your cell phone so you can listen anywhere in the US. Just go to 810klvz.com for downloading information. We are doing everything we possibly can to reach as many people with this great gospel and finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I am happy to announce that we have received the $15,000 dollars for our Liberian project and the construction is underway. The bible school has begun and we believe that all of West Africa will be impacted. Thank you, those of you that contributed to this project. It means a lot to the Liberians, the kingdom of God and to us. This is a Dominion Grace project. We are returning to Liberia in Sept. for pastor training seminars. The first of 2016 we are planning to go to Kenya, East Africa to do pastor seminars. We are trusting that we can duplicate in East Africa what we are doing in West Africa by buying land and establishing a bible school there also. People see this as too much, but with a little help from everyone we can reach all of East and West Africa with the gospel of grace. I believe in having a big vision. So with the ministries in both East and West Africa, Australia and the church here in Denver, we are quite busy.
Don’t forget that our online bible school is now completed and we are offering a one year certificate and two year diploma. The second year is complete, but yet to be put up on our websites, but look for them as they are coming soon. We thank the Lord for you, our friends and partners, because without you we would not be able to go and do what we do. You are welcome to accompany us on our trips, to teach and minister. We thank you for all your support. God the Father is faithful. We will never retire or quit doing what we have been called to do. We will preach, teach, minister, pray with, fellowship with and love all those that we come in contact with. If you or anyone you know is interested in doing meetings or a seminar just contact us. Our info is on our web pages. Until next month, we reign in life by one Jesus Christ.

Joe and Elsa Funaro DGM