August 2016 Newsletter - We Have Moved!

August 2016 Newsletter

We have finally made the transition to New York from Colorado, praise the Lord! I would like to tell you everything went smoothly, but then I would not be honest with you. Anyway, we are here, still in boxes, but up and running. We have cancelled any overseas engagements for this year, as we are adamant about starting a new church in the Schenectady region of upstate N.Y. The name of the church will be Dominion Grace Church, separate from our Dominion Grace Ministries. DGM is our traveling, itinerant ministry and Dominion Grace Church will be the local church here. We should begin broadcasting our weekly programs this first week of August from our studio in beautiful Ballston Lake, N.Y.
I forgot how beautiful upstate New York was and the development of the surrounding region is astounding. It is much more scenic than Colorado and the businesses are even more numerous than in the Denver area. I have to acclimate myself all over again to find my way around and we haven’t even been to the capital region of Albany yet. We are just a little over 12 miles from where I grew up. I never thought that after 33 years of ministry that I would back this close to my birth home. Actually, where we are living is only temporary, but still Schenectady is only 18 miles from my birth home. We have yet to have a church service, and it looks like we will be doing meetings in homes for the time being as well as looking for a place to meet on Sunday.
I will say this, that the capital district is ripe for the message of God’s amazing grace. All of Jesus without the works of the Law is greatly needed. Also, the empowerment of every believer to live and walk in the power of God is much needed. Our new mailing address is PO Box 2058 Scotia, N.Y. 12302. My phone for the time being is still the same- 720-838-3115, so you can reach me any time at that number. Elsa’s phone is 607-435-5704.
The main thrust of Dominion Grace Ministries is our overseas ministries and contacts. As of now we have two Dominion Grace Australia churches which are pastored by two of our ordained ministers in Australia with DGM Australia. We are planning on being back there in 2017. Also the two bible schools and pastor training is continuing and expanding in East and West Africa. As you know from past letters, we were in Uganda as well as Kenya this year and the plans for a bible training center in both countries is in the making. Liberia, West Africa, is in their second semester of the first year bible school for pastors.
It was difficult to move from Denver to the capital district of New York as we left friends behind, but this is the fourth move we have made and we plan on this being the last. You never know. Every time we move it seems the Lord has other plans for us. We are grateful to all of you, our friends and supporters that continue to stand with us in this great gospel endeavor. Dominion Grace Ministries goes with us wherever we go so it is no problem relocating that ministry. It is the church planting that is difficult as you serve and fellowship with the same group of people. We have family all over the world and you are part of that family. Please feel free to contact us any time for anything. We pray for all of you, that the world may come in contact with the awesome, wonderful, mighty people of God that you are.

Love in Christ,
Joe and Elsa Funaro, DGM